Tuesday Morning Grind, Ep 5 - Building Security Teams, Pt 2

Podcast Summary

In this episode of the Tuesday Morning Grind we continue our discussion on building a security team that people want to be a part of, and share our thoughts on painting a clear path for career progression, creating team unity, and more. My teammate, Christian Hyatt has also authored a blog post which is a great companion to this podcast. Check it out on the risk3sixty blog.

Building Effective Security Teams

Employee Engagement is Key, How Do We Do It?

  • Career progression must be authentic. It must be about more than raises and job title changes. That may retain some, but not top performers.
    • Develop a formal coaching program so that leadership is authentic.
    • Find common goals beneficial to both the company and the team.
    • Be a true advocate for your coachees/mentees
  • The recruiting process must communicate a vision within the team.
    • If you don’t define a career path, top performers that don’t move up will move up.
  • Create opportunities for your team.
    • Encourage people to get exposed to other parts of the organization.
    • Show people other facets of the security organization and different types of projects.
  • Basecamp developed their own style and culture focused on remote work.
    • Developed an entire platform to support their style and culture.
    • At risk3sixty we do an annual 100-mile relay race together. We also do ruck hikes, Habitat for Humanity projects, and more.
    • Find hills to take together within the organization. At risk3sixty we have launched a HITRUST practice over the past year.
    • Shared adversity creates bonds and builds relationships.
    • Make the team something exciting to be a part of.

You must define your mission and core values and live by them.

  • If you do not define your core values and hire and measure the team and candidates against them, hiring great teammates, retaining them, and aligning incentives is going to be extremely difficult.

Books we discussed in this episode