Whitepaper - Healthcare Start-Up Security Strategy

Security is table stakes for healthcare start-ups

For many healthcare IT startups, the complexities of security, privacy, and compliance present a blind spot that can be difficult to address. Resources are tight and the stakes are high. Regulatory mandates and customer requirements can be a barrier to client acquisition and present significant risk. The organization is tasked... [Read More]

Conference Talk at BSide ATL 2020

Conquering the Cloud - Defense in Depth Strategies for AWS

Poor credential management, misconfiguration, and insider threat are the top causes of Cloud Infrastructure data breaches according to global research and advisory firm, Gartner. In the past two years, the US Department of Defense, US Central and Pacific Command, Accenture, GoDaddy, FedEx, and Cisco all encountered data breaches/unauthorized disclosures due... [Read More]